About Nutra Canada

Founded in Quebec in 2008, Nutra Canada specializes in fruit, vegetable, and medicinal extracts made from health-giving organic molecules.

In collaboration with Canada’s National Research Council (NRC), Université Laval’s Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF), and private partners, Nutra Canada has developed an innovative method to produce concentrated and standardized extracts from various molecules taken from different plant species to be sold in powder form.

Nutra Canada plays an active role in the development of scientific literature on its extracts by conducting rigorous and controlled clinical tests with respected research partners. Nutra Canada has collected, and continues to collect, scientific data on the prevention of urinary tract infections, anti inflammatory effects, blood sugar management, the maintenance of cognitive health in seniors, and sports nutrition. Nutra Canada also provides customized extraction services.

Nutra Canada is now part of Diana Food

These two companies are the perfect association to provide you healthy solutions based on natural and sustainable ingredients.

 Founded in 1976, Diana Food supplies high-added-value ingredients intended for the industry of food, beverages and dietary supplements. From a natural range of fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood products, wines & vinegars processed into concentrates, powders, flakes and pieces, Diana Food offers innovative products revolving around the three pillars of Health, Pleasure and Trust. As multinational company, Diana Food has over 1300 employees spread out across 11 factories and nine research centers over four continents.

More details on  www.diana-food.com


At Nutra Canada, we strive to produce, promote, and market powders and plant extracts (dry and liquid) made from plant species grown in and/or native to Canada using the most stringent quality standards possible in an ecological manner. Nutra Canada is a trusted supplier of quality plant extracts for distributors and clients in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and natural health product industries.


At our plant, we use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and energy recovery systems. Our processes are environmentally sound and part of a sustainable development project recognized by the province’s government authorities.

Our project promotes sustainable development, and our plant and manufacturing processes meet the highest environmental standards.
Nutra Canada obtained ISO accreditation (ISO 14 064) by Enviro-Access for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Renewable energy

Our plant operates primarily on biogas produced from biomass. Our electricity—hydro powered and therefore entirely renewable—is produced by Hydro-Québec.

Recycling waste

We fully exploit biomass and any solid waste generated in the manufacturing of our products. Both are composted and turned into biogas. All liquid waste is sent to a water treatment unit that uses carbon—this process uses a minimal amount of solvents, which are recycled and regenerated over and over again.


By sourcing our biomass from local growers and processors, we minimize the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with transport and handling. A large proportion of our biomass is certified organic and meets the most stringent environmental standards. An equally large proportion of our biomass comes from fruit and vegetables that cannot be sold due to their size or appearance. By using this food, we help limit the amount of land required to grow fruit and vegetables and help reduce GHG emissions and the use of environmental contaminants. The remainder of our biomass comes from selective harvesting and the ecological cultivation of forest biomass.


Nutra Canada has consistently passed Health Canada’s annual inspection verifying compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP). Nutra Canada has also been issued certification from Ecocert Canada, Canada Organic, and the USDA for its extracts manufactured from certified organic biomass. Nutra Canada was recently kosher certified by the Jewish Community Council of Montreal.