Molecular Extracts

Nutra Canada’s molecular extracts are made at our plant in Champlain (Quebec, Canada) and undergo strict quality control tests as required to obtain a manufacturing licence from Health Canada.

We use our unique manufacturing process to extract specific molecules—such as polyphenols, quercetin, and glucoraphanin—and to concentrate and standardize them to a determined percentage in bioactive molecules. This process helps to preserve the natural, health-promoting components of our extracts. At Nutra Canada, we also measure the antioxidant capacity of our extracts, and have found that certain ones have an ORAC value of 8100 µM/g.

Our extracts are entirely soluble and dissolve easily in water. What’s more, with our new Crystal Clear technology, we can now manufacture powder extracts that, when dissolved in water, are coloured and perfectly translucent.

We guarantee that our products are completely GMO-free and certified organic by Ecocert Canada, USDA Organic, and Canada Organic.

By using local ingredients—as well as clean, inexpensive, and renewable energy—our operating costs remain low, allowing us to sell our molecular extracts at highly competitive prices.