Molecular Extracts


“All the benefits of onions—without the tears!”

When making onion extract, we use mostly onion skins to extract and concentrate the quercetin, which has extremely potent antioxidant properties. Tests have shown that this component has a peak in absorption 30 minutes after being ingested and lasts more than six hours. This unique characteristic makes our onion extract the best choice for products being developed to reduce oxidative stress and the associated risks.
We are able to obtain high concentrations of quercetin (up to 20%), a standardization yet to be obtained by any other product on the market.
Studies have been conducted on the benefits of onion molecules in the following areas:

  • Reduced post-plastic surgery scarring (as a topical cream)
  • Health benefits of antioxidants
  • Reduced blood sugar and blood pressure levels in overweight individuals
  • Prevention of neurological degeneration and cognitive decline
  • Cancer-fighting capabilities with in vitro cancer stem cells
  • Enhanced athletic performance


Nutra Canada has three different grades of onion extracts containing quercetin that can be standardized to our clients’ specifications.

OniCan NC Advantage

Standardization option:

  • Spectro: 5.0%

ORAC value: 2000 µM/g

OniCan NC Select

Standardization option:

  • Spectro: 10.0%

ORAC value: 4400 µM/g

OniCan NC Pure

Standardization option:

  • Spectro: 20.0%

ORAC value: 10200 µM/g

  • Antioxidant power up to
  • ORAC: 10 200 μM/g
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