Molecular Extracts


“So much more than leafy greens!”

Spinach is an excellent natural source of polyphenols, luteins, and nitrates. Our spinach extract contains a standardized total polyphenol concentration and a guaranteed lutein concentration of 0.15%. We are presently working to increase the lutein concentration to 1.0%, an unprecedented amount given that lutein is insoluble in water.

Scientific research has been conducted on the polyphenols in our spinach extract in the following areas:

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Protection against a decline in cognitive function
  • Reduced brain tissue damage following a stroke
  • Improved eye health through the prevention of macular degeneration
  • Enhanced athletic performance and recovery


Nutra Canada has a grade of spinach extract containing total polyphenols and luteins that can be standardized to our clients’ specifications.

SpiCan NC Advantage

Standardization option:

  • Folin: 1.5%
  • Lutein: 0.15%

ORAC value: 200 µM/g

  • Antioxidant power up to
  • ORAC: 200 μM/g
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