Molecular Extracts


“If you like strawberries, you’ll love strawberry extract!”

Authentique d’Orléans, cultivated on the Island of Orleans near Quebec City, is a strawberry cultivar with unique bioactive molecular content. Nutra Canada and Agriculture Canada are currently awaiting joint patent rights for this cultivar.
In fact, extensive studies have shown that the cinnamic acid and flavonol content is considerably higher in this cultivar than in any other studied. This particularity would explain the notable anti-inflammatory effects observed in tests conducted with animals and humans.
Nutra Canada was the first to detect p-coumaroyl-hexose, a molecule that seems to account for the majority of the anti-inflammatory effects found in our strawberry extracts.
Studies have been conducted on the benefits related to consuming the bioactive molecules found in strawberries in the following areas:

  • Health benefits of antioxidants
  • Link between reduced oxidative stress and cardiovascular risk
  • Improved blood glucose levels in individuals with Type 2 diabetes
  • Protection of cognitive health in seniors
  • Antibiotic and anti-mutagenic effects


Nutra Canada has two grades of strawberry extracts containing total polyphenols that can be standardized to our clients’ specifications.

StrawCan NC Advantage

(available in our Crystal Clear format)

Standardization option:

  • Folin: 2.0% to 10.0%

ORAC value: 450 µM/g

StrawCan NC Select

(available in our Crystal Clear format)

Standardization option:

  • Folin: 11.0% to 19.0%

ORAC value: 2200 µM/g

Other products

  • StrawCan NC Acid Extract: Soluble organic acid and natural sugar strawberry extract (available in our Crystal Clear format)
  • Antioxidant power up to
  • ORAC: 2200 μM/g
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