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Chronic obesity, increasingly prevalent in industrialized societies, is often accompanied by metabolic anomalies, such as insulin resistance that leads to the development of Type 2 diabetes. These anomalies, if not corrected, can greatly increase the risk of mortality and morbidity associated with cardiovascular diseases.

Consuming a diet rich in polyphenols found in plants helps protect against cardiovascular diseases by reducing the oxidative stress observed in the majority of individuals suffering from a metabolic syndrome.

Nutra Canada recently completed a clinical study on humans aimed at showing the efficacy of Glucophenol (a cranberry and Authentique Orléans strawberry extract rich in polyphenols) in managing blood sugar levels in obese patients. The initial results available from this phase III trial, conducted at the INAF, show that Glucophenol significantly reduces (by 13.6%) the resistance to insulin in patients who received a Glucophenol supplement, compared to the control group. When published, this study will also document the impact on different metabolic parameters, such as LDL oxidation, increased levels of HDL, blood pressure, and anti-inflammatory effects. Note that these results compare favourably to metformin (Glucophage®), which enhances insulin sensitivity by 15%. Study investigators noted no adverse events.
Glucophenol is made from a blend of polyphenols from a cranberry and Authentique Orléans strawberry extract containing a total of 320 mg of polyphenols.