Our Quality Approach

At Nutra Canada, the quality of our molecular extracts is of utmost importance. We have strict procedures in place to ensure that the highest quality standards are always met. For us, the quality control process begins with the selection of raw materials. We then perform identity tests, monitor and document the materials at each stage of production, and finally confirm the content and bioactivity of our molecular extracts.

Nutra Canada NC Nutra Canada has developed for its clients a seal of quality label they can place on their own label. This seal guarantees that all Nutra Canada ingredients have been subjected to stringent quality control in order to certify their safety, origin and identity.

The selection process

Our fruit and vegetable extracts are made from locally sourced ingredients. This allows us to have tighter control over the quality of the raw materials used in our plant. Our quality controls include traceability reports and testing for pesticides and heavy metals. What’s more, we ensure that our suppliers meet the requirements for natural health products and food supplements. We can therefore guarantee that our extracts are free of genetically modified organisms, irradiation use, animal products, and allergens.

Identification tests

We perform identity tests so that you can be sure the molecular extracts you are buying are pure and come from the correct plant species. We work with an independent and respected partner specialized in identification tests for botanical products. We can easily show our clients that our molecular extracts are free from adulteration, which is unfortunately not the case for raw materials that come from countries where the traceability and quality control practices are less reliable.


We use a process that allows us to extract, concentrate, and standardize molecular extracts to specific bioactive molecules. It is in our best interest to use quality raw materials since the amount required to produce our products has a direct impact on costs. By using varieties that are rich in proanthocyanidins (PACs), we can produce more from less, which means lower transportation and processing costs.


In addition to standardizing our molecular extracts to a certain concentration of a specific marker, we make sure that the extracted, concentrated, and standardized molecules preserve all of the compound’s biological activity. According to our results, our cranberry extracts have the highest concentration levels on the market and have the most anti-adhesion activity in terms of E. coli, the bacteria responsible for the majority of UTIs in humans. Our tests have also shown that UroPhenol 15% (a cranberry extract standardized to 15% PACs according to the BL DMAC) is 125 times more effective at preventing UTIs than PACran or 90MX juice concentrate powder.